Personal Loans

Personal loan is defined as the amount borrowed by one from a bank or any financial institution that should be repaid within a specified period. As the loan does not need any security, the lenders expect certain requirements from people to give personal loans. This results in getting personal loans a tough process nowadays.

Meanwhile, it is quite easier to get the personal loans when compared to secured loans like home loans, small business loans & others because it is unsecured loan, but we have to settle the money in monthly installments. You can take advantage of our Sharp Streak to get your personal loans in a fast paced manner even though you did not apply for bank loans earlier.

We have communications with many personal loan providers in Coimbatore and other cities. Hence you can analyze the best interest rates for your personal loans given by various local loan companies with the help of our loan advisors in Sharp Streak. Our team of enthusiastic professionals provides tailored personal loan solutions for individual clients by considering their necessities and financial situations of our clients.

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Personal Loans details

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Loan Type

Personal Loan


Not required

Interest Rate

12% & above*

Loan Tenure

Up to 60 months

Loan Amount

Up to 25 Lacs

Loan Feature

For personal use

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Documents Required for Personal Loans

Please go through & ready the documents required which will help us process your loan as soon as possible.

  • Latest 3 months salary slip
  • 6 months bank statement (Salary Credit Ac)
  • Existing loan details

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